Sociolinguistic survey of selected Rajasthani speech varieties of Rajasthan, India, Volume 2: Mewari

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Abraham, Binny, Binoy Koshy, Vimal Raj R.; Juliana Kelsall, editor

The purpose of this sociolinguistic survey of Mewari (ISO 639: mtr) speech varieties was to investigate the potential need for Mewari language development and to determine which variety of Mewari would be most effective for such language development. The fieldwork was conducted during the latter part of 2002. Although self-assessed Hindi bilingual ability was fairly high among Mewari subjects, observations and Hindi Sentence Repetition Testing tended to contradict these perceptions. Even with increasing levels of education and literacy, it is likely that there are still several hundred thousand Mewari speakers (whose total population is more than two million) who would benefit from language development in Mewari. Many subjects identified Chittorgarh Mewari as the standard Mewari speech variety. Comprehension testing of a narrative text from Dindoli village, Chittorgarh district demonstrated that this variety was well understood and accepted by subjects from two test sites, representing Northern and South-western Mewari.

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