Sociolinguistic survey of selected Rajasthani speech varieties of Rajasthan, India, Volume 4: Mewati

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Mathai, Eldose K.; Juliana Kelsall, editor

This sociolinguistic survey among Mewati (ISO 639-3: wtm) speakers of Rajasthan, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh was carried out from August through September 2004. The basic purpose of this research was to study the possible need for initiating mother tongue language development and promoting Mewati literature and, if needed, to suggest an area from which a language development programme could be carried out. The vitality of Mewati appears to be strong and Mewati speakers expressed interest in vernacular language development. There were indications that a majority of Mewati speakers, especially the uneducated, are probably not bilingual enough in Hindi to be able to use materials effectively in that language. The results of Recorded Text Testing (RTT) and questionnaires showed good potential for the variety of Mewati spoken in Alwar district (Rajasthan) to be well understood and accepted in other regions of the Mewati language area.

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