Pajonal Campa songs DS-107-pres

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Part A: 1. Oscar, Rojino, Pasqual? + others – drinking song 2. Teresa sings (child) 3. Group song- drinking song 4. Men sing with drums- duet drinking song + other Meyancho, Tomichi?, Tevenko &Pepe. 5. Same group in duet without drums 6. Flute 7. Flute- Meyancho 8. Drums played by Meyancho and whistling over 9. Drums played in two stacks like in civilization but is not monkey skin 10. Mayancho sings 11& 12 Valerio sings- #11 made up as he went along about sister Maragoriya 13. Shoshaquiri flute and whistling (over); Part B: 1. Meyancho sings 2. Rono sings 3. Oscar sings 4. Rojino & Oscar duet with drums 5. Rojino & Oscar 6. Pasqual, Oscar, Rojino- duet or trio sometimes 7. Pasqual plays flute 8. Pasqual sings
Pajonal Campa
Ashéninka Pajonal
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