A report on the Bamgi, Kia, and Lower Digul River language survey in Papua, Indonesia

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Lebold, Randy, Ronald Kriens and Yunita Susanto

A language survey was conducted along the Bamgi, Kia, and lower Digul Rivers in Papua, Indonesia to determine what languages are spoken in each village, as well as the internal dialectology and language vitality of each of the languages encountered. Data was gathered through the use of wordlists and sociolinguistic questionnaires, as well as informal observation. The results indicate that three different Awyu languages are spoken in this area (South Awyu, Edera Awyu, and Jair Awyu), as well as Mandobo, Yaqay, and Central Asmat. While it appears there is potential for language development for these languages, further research is needed to get a complete understanding of the situation of each of these languages.

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Language surveys
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