Journal of Translation 9:1

Frank, David B., editor

Editor’s Comments

by David Frank

This issue of the Journal of Translation begins with an article on translation theory in the twentieth century by Andy Cheung of King’s Evangelical Divinity School in the U.K. With a focus on Bible translation, Cheung examines philosophical and theoretical influences ranging from the philosophical traditions of the early to mid-twentieth century (Pound, Benjamin, Buber and Rosenzweig), through the linguistic era in the early part of the second half of the twentieth century (Jakobson, Levy, Nida, Catford), to contemporary translation orientations that arose in the latter part of the twentieth century, including Steiner, the “cultural turn,” Skopos Theory, Relevance Theory, Descriptive Translation Studies, and Foreignization and Postcolonial Studies. We also have two short articles that both address the oral dimension of translation and translation as storytelling: one by United Bible Societies translation consultant Lénart de Regt, and one by Mara Cohen Ioannides, affiliated with Missouri State University and the Spertus Institute of Jewish Leadership. Of these, the former summarizes certain publications and workshops dealing with orality in connection with Bible translation, and the latter focuses on oral and storytelling qualities specifically in relation to the biblical book of Esther. Finally, we have another in a series of short notes by Harold Greenlee, which examines the different words in Koiné Greek associated with the English word “love”—and particularly agape—in terms of meaning differentiation and how these Greek words might be properly translated into English.

Eric Kindberg, Diane Dix, Newton Frank and Barbara Shannon contributed to the editing of this issue of the Journal of Translation.

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