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Translator’s Workplace is a foundational library of reference materials selected for the work of Bible Translation. This extraordinary collection has been gathered to meet the varying needs of translators worldwide and includes Bibles, Greek and Hebrew texts, dictionaries, commentaries, translation handbooks, articles and other reference materials. The Logos platform allows us many advantages – not least of which, Faithlife continues to upgrade their software and provide us many excellent resources at virtually no cost to us. The Logos infrastructure also makes it possible for us to release updates and new resources seamlessly and more frequently through Logos’ online update mechanism.

TW-Logos installs on machines with Windows Vista SP2 or later, Mac OS X 10.6 or later, as well as on iPhone/iPad, Kindle Fire and Android devices. And, for those with other resources acquired through Logos Bible Software, TW will integrate seamlessly with any existing Logos library you may own separately.

Bureau du Traducteur (BdT) is a French-only set of resources that is an optional component of a Translator's Workplace Logos Edition license. It is designed to address the needs of Francophone context translators and incorporates nearly all of the content from the former Le Pupitre du Traducteur product. If you already have a license for TW Logos Edition and wish to add BdT resources to your collection, please fill out this form.

Logos Registration

You need a FREE Logos account (i.e. ) to request a license and use TW-Logos. If you are already a Logos (or Libronix) user, you should add to TW- Logos to your existing account. If you have never used Logos (or Libronix), go to and register for a free account. Note the checkboxes for newsletters and promotions offered on this page. If you cannot remember your Logos (or Libronix) Customer ID or password, contact Logos support at or 800-875-6467 to recover your Customer ID and password.

Features and Benefits

  • Runs on Windows and Mac OS. See system requirements here.
  • Windows XP is supported through Logos v4 with all resources—limited features and fewer interface languages
  • Mobile version is available for iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire and Android (on-line mode via cell phone service or WiFi)
  • registration required (no purchase necessary for this step) After license is received from SIL the product is downloaded from
  • Internet access is required for registration, download and permanent activation
  • Indexing requires completion before full search function available
  • Initial indexing time required dependent on your machine speed, can be delayed
  • Subset of TW 5.1 Folio resources included, plus Logos-created resources
  • Fully compatible with your current Logos resources
  • Automatic online updating of resources available
  • User interface available in English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Afrikaans, Korean, and Chinese at this time
  • Survey all available resources or sets of resources for information on a specific passage, term, topic, person, or place.
  • Visually tag or highlight Bible text, even based on underlying Greek or Hebrew morphology.
  • Fully Unicode Compatible
  • Can open a secondary window and fill it with different resources.
  • Logos training videos and help files available from Logos website. In-program help. Additional help with internet connection.
  • Scrolls to follow verse references from ParaTExt
  • Professional dedicated support by phone/email/chat at, as well as active user forums and wiki.
  • Order through, licensing required through SIL
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