An Investigation of Intelligibility Between West-Central Thailand Pwo Karen and Northern Pwo Karen

ที่ใชในการวิจัย คือ การทดสอบความเขาใจในเรื่องเลาที่ไดบันทึกเสียงไว ผลการวิจัยพบวาทั้ง สองกลุมขาดความเขาใจกัน ซึ่งเป.นตัวบงชี้วา นาจะมีความจำเป.นที่จะตองใชวรรณกรรมภาษา ทองถิ่นที่แยกออกจากกัน
This paper presents the results of intelligibility testing between two Pwo Karen speech varieties spoken in Thailand: West-Central Thailand Pwo Karen and Northern Pwo Karen. These two language varieties are considered by some to be separate languages, while others consider them dialects of the same language. The purpose of the research was to determine whether a lack of intelligibility between West-Central Thailand Pwo Karen and Northern Pwo Karen makes separate vernacular literature necessary. The methodology used was recorded text testing. The results show a lack of intelligibility in both directions, which indicates a likely need for separate vernacular literature.
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Table of Contents:
Abstract page i; Acknowledgments page iii; 1. Background page 1-6; Location and population, Language classification, History, Previous research, Vernacular literature and literacy; 2. Methodology page 6-9; Recorded text testing, Post-RTT interview, Site selection, Subject selection; 3. Results and Conclusion pages 10-12; References pages 13-15; Appendices 16-28; A: RTT transcript in English, B: RTT transcript in Central Thai, C: RTT screening questions and post-RTT interview, D: Subject screening criteria, E: RTT scores, F: Eastern Pwo Karen & WCT Pwo Karen scripts and literature.
Yang Khaw
Recorded Text Testing (RTT)
Mae Tom
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