A Sociolinguistic Survey of the Amio-Gelimi Language Area

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Spencer, Juliann, Sara Van Cott and Bonnie MacKenzie

In October of 2009 SIL conducted a survey of the Amio-Gelimi language, located in West New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea. Amio-Gelimi is listed as Lesing-Gelimi [let] in the sixteenth edition of the Ethnologue and belongs to the East Arawe subgroup of Austronesian languages. The goals of the survey were to determine language and dialect boundaries and evaluate language vitality. Research was conducted through group interviews in each village in the language area, interviews with leaders of institutions in the area, collection of wordlists and observation.

The findings of the survey indicate that Amio-Gelimi has two dialects and is spoken in four villages to the east of Gasmata: Amio, Kaskas, Atui and Poronga. Amio and Kaskas belong to the Amio dialect, while Atui and Poronga belong to the Gelimi dialect. The vitality of the Amio-Gelimi language is currently high.

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Papua New Guinea
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