A Preliminary Report on Independent Clause Structures in Plang

This paper will discuss the components of the basic independent clause structures of Plang, a Mon-Khmer language. First, event clauses will be studied, which include intransitive, transitive and ditransitive clauses. State clauses will be looked at next, these are characterized as conditions which do not change over time. In this paper, three types of state clauses will be studied, stative with copula (equative), stative without copula and existential. A tagmemic model will be applied to the data. Each structure will be expressed in terms of its class of elements, this includes both their function and the grammatical class which fills that function. A Plang text is included as an appendix to exemplify the various structures expounded in the paper.
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Table of Contents:
List of Abbreviations -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Intransitive Clauses -- 3. Transitive Clauses -- 4. Ditransitive Clauses -- 5. State Clauses -- 6. Conclusion -- References -- Appendix
Stative without Copula
Stative with Copula
State Clauses
Existential Clauses
Event clauses
Clause Structures
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