Paratext in Bible Translations with Special Reference to Selected Bible Translations into Beninese Languages

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Kloppenburg, Geerhard

In this study I want to survey existing literature about paratext in general and apply this to the study of paratext in Bible translations. That will result in a description of paratext in general and of paratext in Bible translations in particular. A study of paratextual phenomena in a number of published Bible translations is the content of the second and third chapter of this study. In the fourth chapter I develop a theoretical framework that encompasses both the text and paratext of Bible translations; such an approach will help translators to see a translation and its paratext as two interrelated parts of an integrated whole, which must be produced as such. In the fifth chapter this framework is applied to two Bible translation projects in Benin (West Africa).

In the interest of making this work available without further delay, we are posting it as it was accepted by the institution that granted the degree without further peer review.

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