Journal of Translation 9:2

Frank, David B., editor

Editor’s Comments

by David Frank

In this second issue of the Journal of Translation for 2013 we are pleased to present three articles. Let me start by saying that as Editor of the journal, I greatly appreciate the dedicated work of the editorial team: Eric Kindberg, Diane Dix, Newton Frank, and Barbara Shannon. This team took responsibility for studying each manuscript to see if there were any problems with the punctuation, formatting the papers according to the journal’s standards, considering the wording and the expression to see if anything might be communicated more clearly, communicating with the authors and adjusting the manuscripts as necessary until everyone was happy and we had articles that we were proud to publish. As Editor I must also thank the journal’s Editorial Board, who looked over the manuscripts that had been received and worked with me to evaluate them to determine which ones could be published. This journal receives many manuscripts, and the primary qualification for a scholarly paper to be considered is that it must explicitly deal with some aspect of translation, though a preference is given to manuscripts that are relatable somehow to scripture translation and to translation involving minority languages and cultures, as stated in the journal’s masthead. Some papers deal with theory, some with the range of things we might call translation, some with translation in history and the impact of translation. It is appropriate for a journal such as this one to explore the boundary areas of translation in order that we might learn something that we had not learned before. In the present issue of the Journal of Translation, two of the articles pertain specifically to aspects of Bible translation, and the third to a rather different aspect of translation, namely considerations in the adaptation of films from one language to another.

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