The Phonology of Lopit and Comparison of Dialects

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Stirtz, Timothy M
Five of the six Lopit dialects of South Sudan have at least 90% lexical similarity and are rightly called dialects of the same language. Nevertheless, 60% of words differ in at least two dialects. In addition, the same phonemes, syllable types, and morphological alternations can be claimed for all the dialects with few exceptions. Although there are some common alternation patterns among the dialects, the alternations as well as which dialects alternate are mostly unpredictable.
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Abstract; Introduction; 1 Phonology of Lopit; 1.1 Consonants; 1.1.1 Consonant distribution; 1.1.2 Consonant contrasts; 1.2 Vowels; 1.2.1 Vowel distribution in word positions; 1.2.2 Vowel contrasts; 1.2.3 Vowel distribution in two adjacent syllables of roots; 1.3 Syllables; 1.3.1 Syllable structure; 1.3.2 Ambiguous segments; 1.4 Tone; 1.5 Noun plural formation; 1.6 Vowel morphophonology; 1.7 Consonant morphophonology; 1.8 Tone morphophonology; 2 Comparison of Lopit dialects; 2.1 Dialect comparison of lexical similarities and identical words; 2.2 Consonant alternations among dialects; 2.3 Vowel alternations among dialects; 2.4 Dialect comparison of syllable structure; 2.5 Noun plural formation alternation among the dialects; 2.6 Vowel morphophonology in other dialects; 2.7 Consonant morphophonology in other dialects; 2.8 Dialect alternation of prefixes; 3 Summary; Appendix Aː Dialect comparison wordlist; Appendix Bː Lopit villages in dialect areas; References
Semivowel ambiguities
lexical similarities
South Sudan
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