Rapid Grammar Collection as an Approach to Language Development

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Stirtz, Timothy M
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In an age when efficiency and quality products are among the highest priorities of many organizations, the rapid grammar collection (RGC) approach attempts to keep both of these in balance. The approach uses participant methods to investigate vast amounts of data in a series of two-week workshops. After each, the collected data is documented in an instructive format for language speakers in several grammar books and a beginning dictionary. Using this approach, an adequate linguistic foundation for beginning literacy book production and even translation can take place in as short a time period as three months following the first workshop. All language data crucial for choosing a tentative writing system is investigated in the first workshop, and the tentatively agreed-upon writing system is presented to the community in the following months. After literacy book development and beginning translation have further tested the writing system, a second two-week workshop helps to revise the writing system, as well as to investigate discourse grammar so that Scripture translation can be more natural. Language development and translation can proceed smoothly and quickly because mother-tongue language developers adequately understand the grammar of their language.
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Abstract -- 1 Introduction -- 2 Preparing for the first RGC workshop -- 3 The first RGC workshop -- 4 Following the first RGC workshop -- 5 Preparing for the second RGC workshop -- 6 The second RGC workshop -- 7 Following the second RGC workshop -- 8 Summary -- Appendix A: Resource List -- Appendix B: Instructions for translating wordlist and collecting stories -- Appendix C: Budget items for an RGC workshop -- References
Training mother-tongue language developers
Rapid Grammar Collection (RGC)
Participant methods
Linguistic analysis
Language Software tools
Language development
Grammar description
Grammar books
Discourse grammar
Dictionary construction
Data elicitation
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SIL Electronic Working Papers 2015-004