Important Factors in the Development of an Orthography: Shin-Shorsu Rutul—a Case Study

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Clarkson, Jonathan and Elena Iurkova
This paper provides an overview of the Rutul people living in north-western Azerbaijan and a description of the process of alphabet development that took place between 2011 and 2013. It includes discussion of key principles of orthography development, including practical examples of them in context. Observations on limiting factors and difficulties experienced are also discussed, and the conclusion brings many of these issues together in a short evaluation of the process in relation to underlying attitudes and opinions.
30 pages
Table of Contents:
Abstract -- 1 Introduction -- 2 The Rutul people -- 3 The Shin-Shorsu dialect of Rutul -- 4 Background of the orthography development process -- 5 Work towards an initial alphabet proposal -- 6 Later developments in the alphabet process -- 7 Conclusions -- References
Writing system design
Orthography development
Literacy project sustainability
Community-based orthography development
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