A Sociolinguistic Survey of the Yabong, Migum, Nekgini, and Neko

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Gray, Rachel, Hannah Paris, Daryl Pfantz, Dan Richardson and Juliann Bullock
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In March 2008, SIL-PNG conducted a sociolinguistic survey of the Yabong, Migum, Nekgini and Neko languages, which are spoken in Madang Province, Papua New Guinea. Fieldwork was completed by Daryl Pfantz, Dan Richardson, Hannah Paris, Barbara Hodgkinson and Juliann Bullock. The survey was requested by SIL’s Madang Regional Assistant Director (RAD), Mark Hepner. The goals were to distinguish language and dialect boundaries and investigate language vitality. The Yabong, Migum, Nekgini and Neko languages appear to be vital, although there are some trends in Migum and Neko that could ultimately lead to a language shift. Yabong, Migum, Nekgini and Neko are four separate languages.

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Language surveys
Papua New Guinea
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SIL Electronic Survey Reports 2015-005