A Sociolinguistic Survey of the Tongwe Community

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Kotarska-Boczek, Ania

In June 1999 a sociolinguistic survey of the Bende of Western Tanzania discovered a close relationship between the Tongwe and the Bende ethnolinguistic groups. In the months of September and October 1999, another survey team collected data in the areas inhabited by the Tongwe to determine the need for SIL involvement in language development. The team members used the Tanzanian Swahili Sentence Repetition Test and conducted interviews guided by a series of questionnaires. The team found that the Tongwe are not adequately bilingual in Swahili to comprehend moderately complex Swahili literature; that Tongwe shares a high lexical similarity with Bende; and that there is a need for Tongwe language development.

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Sentence Repetition Test
Language surveys
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