Translator’s Reference Translation of the Gospel of Mark

Carlton, Matthew E

The Translator's Reference Translation (TRT) is a comprehensive, yet concise, reference tool for every stage of the Bible translation process. It is designed for use by everyone involved in that process, including national translators, editors and reviewers, as well as expat or national translation advisors and consultants.

The TRT lets users know what the Greek (or Hebrew) text says in every verse and gives thorough text-critical information. It uses notations to identify translation issues and offer potential solutions in context. The TRT provides appropriate implied information within a balanced translation approach. It gives suggested footnotes and pictures for teams to include in their translations, enhancing the understanding of Biblical culture and context. The TRT gives careful attention to discourse level concerns and includes many cues in the text itself to encourage a cohesive, natural translation. It also identifies parallel passages in the gospels, including the parallel translation issues.

The TRT complements other translation tools and equips translation teams to produce a translation that is accurate, natural and acceptable to the intended audience.

About the Author

Matthew has a B.A. from Concordia College and taught Discourse Grammar and Field Methods for the University of Texas at Arlington. As a member of Lutheran Bible Translators, he worked from 1984 to 1988 with the Grebo people of Liberia, West Africa to translate the New Testament and portions of the Old Testament, as well as establish an indigenous literacy program. During that time, Matthew also trained as a consultant under Dr. Robert Longacre in Nigeria and Togo. In 2004 he received an honorary doctorate for his work from Concordia University in Ann Arbor, MI. Matthew is currently a translation consultant for SIL. His primary role is developing the TRT and working with others to adapt it to other major languages including English, Indonesian, French, and Spanish. Matthew and his wife, Lizz, have served together with SIL since 1990.

Table of Contents:

Key to the Notations Used in The Translator’s Reference Translation
Introduction to the Gospel of Mark

Mark 1 – 16:20

Translator’s Glossary

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