Sudanese Colloquial Arabic for Beginners

Persson, Andrew M. and Janet R. Persson

This book was designed to enable someone with no previous knowledge of Arabic to learn to speak Sudanese Colloquial Arabic, also known as Khartoum Arabic. The approach used is eclectic, using a combination of dialogues, drills, grammatical explanation, role plays and ideas for conversation, to help the various kinds of learner, since not everyone acquires a language in the same way. There are also vocabulary lists for each lesson, and a glossary of all words used.

People who have previously used the course have either hired a private tutor to take them through the lessons and provide them with practice, or have attended a class where they could interact with other learners. However, fluency can only be attained by using what one learns, so the course aims to encourage friendship with Sudanese people and immersion in the culture, which are richly rewarding experiences.

In the years since this book’s first publication it has remained the single best resource for the beginner in Arabic.

Andrew M. Persson has an M.A. from Oxford University in Oriental Languages and an M.A. in Sudanese & African Languages from the University of Khartoum.

Janet R. Persson has an M.A. in Linguistic Science from the University of Reading. She is joint author with Rianne Tamis of Sudanese Arabic—English, English—Sudanese Arabic: A Concise Dictionary.

The Perssons were involved for many years in linguistic research and language development with SIL International in Sudan and what is now South Sudan, including working in Sudanese Colloquial Arabic.

Table of Contents:


Lesson 1: Dialogue: At the shop
Lesson 2: Dialogue: Visiting
Lesson 3: Dialogue: At the gate
Lesson 4: Dialogue: The taxi
Lesson 5: Dialogue: At the restaurant
Revision questions for Lessons 1–5

Lesson 6: Dialogue: At home (1)
Lesson 7: Dialogue: The foreigner
Lesson 8: Dialogue: In the office
Lesson 9: Dialogue: In the Arabic class
Lesson 10: Dialogue: Sewing
Revision questions for Lessons 6–10

Lesson 11: Dialogue: The outing
Lesson 12: Dialogue: The family
Lesson 13: Dialogue: The funeral
Lesson 14: Dialogue: Housework
Lesson 15: Dialogue: The football game
Revision questions for Lessons 11–15

Lesson 16: Dialogue: The tea party
Lesson 17: Dialogue: Filling in a form
Lesson 18: Dialogue: The gift shop
Lesson 19: Dialogue: A telephone conversation
Lesson 20: Dialogue: The plant nursery
Revision questions for Lessons 16–20

Lesson 21: Dialogue: At home (2)
Lesson 22: Dialogue: Renting a house
Lesson 23: Dialogue: Weddings
Lesson 24: Dialogue: The plane journey
Lesson 25: Dialogue: The doctor
Revision questions for Lessons 21–25

Lesson 26: Dialogue: Out in the country
Lesson 27: Dialogue: The Caliph’s house
Lesson 28: Dialogue: Travelling
Lesson 29: Dialogue: The photographer
Lesson 30: Dialogue: The festival

English - Arabic glossary
Arabic - English glossary

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Sudanese Arabic language learning
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