A Sociolinguistic Survey of the Bhatri-speaking Communities of Central India

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Beine, Dave, compiler

This sociolinguistic survey of the Bhatri-speaking communities of Central India was carried out between February and November 1989. The goal of the survey was to assess the need for language development work and vernacular literacy programs among the Bhatri-speaking peoples of Bastar District in Madhya Pradesh and Koraput District in Orissa. Dialect intelligibility tests revealed that the whole Bhatri-speaking area can be considered one language area. Language use and attitudes questionnaires showed that the language is thriving. Bilingualism in the major languages of Hindi, Oriya, and Halbi is inadequate for people to use existing materials. Based on these findings the survey recommends that a language project be undertaken in the Bhatri community.

(This survey report written some time ago deserves to be made available even at this late date. Conditions were such that it was not published when originally written. The reader is cautioned that more recent research may be available. Historical data is quite valuable as it provides a basis for a longitudinal analysis and helps us understand both the trajectory and pace of change as compared with more recent studies. Editor)

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Recorded text tests
Madhya Pradesh
Lexical similarity
Language use and attitude
Language surveys
Dialect intelligibility
Central India
Bastar District
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