Writing linguistic papers in the third wave

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Black, H. Andrew

This article introduces a method to write linguistic articles and books that addresses most, if not all, of the frustrations authors often face when writing linguistic articles and books. This method follows a Third Wave approach as described in Simons and Black (2008). As Simons and Black note, we need to “work smarter” rather than work harder. One of the key notions is to produce “actionable” knowledge. They also note the role that XML technologies can play in enabling us to “work smarter.” In this article I explain a way we can “work smarter” when it comes to writing linguistic papers and books. The method uses several things:

  • the mark-up language called XML
  • an XML package designed for authoring and even archiving linguistic papers (XLingPaper)
  • an XML Editor program that makes it much easier to write XML documents (XMLmind XML Editor).
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