FieldWorks Language Explorer 1.0

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Moe, Ronald

SIL International released version 1.0 of the new FieldWorks Language Explorer in November 2006. Language Explorer is the latest in a series of SIL programs (Ed, CC, Shoebox, MDF, LinguaLinks, Toolbox, DDP, Lexique Pro) designed to assist linguists in collecting, managing and publishing linguistic data. Language Explorer is part of the FieldWorks suite of programs, which provides an integrated system for doing linguistic and anthropological field work. The November 2006 version of FieldWorks as a whole is 4.0. Language Explorer is designed to create and manage a dictionary, create and maintain a text corpus, interlinearize texts, and study morphology. Other components enable you to do other tasks such as maintain anthropological field notes or analyze phonology.

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