Language and Life: Essays in Memory of Kenneth L. Pike

Wise, Mary Ruth, Thomas N. Headland and Ruth M. Brend, editors

Kenneth Pike's influence spread far and wide during the last half of the twentieth century. The contributors to this volume are just a few of the thousands of scholars whose work was influenced by Pike's teaching and writing. These essays will help younger scholars grasp something of his intellectual influence through his contribution to linguistics, anthropology, and many other disciplines. Long before the concept of "endangered languages" came into vogue in the 1990s, Pike was instilling in his students the importance of recording, preserving, and working to keep alive the thousands of unwritten languages spoken throughout the world.

Pike's work with SIL International took him to many parts of the world as a consultant and lecturer. He worked with speakers of hundreds of indigenous languages as well as with SIL field linguists studying those languages. At the same time, he interacted with scholars at international conferences and lectured at universities in many countries. Essays in this volume include papers by authors from at least ten countries and six disciplines.

In one of Dr. Pike's many books, Talk, Thought, and Thing: The Emic Road toward Conscious Knowledge , he addresses the current changing world. He discusses understanding persons, things and events in relation to occurrence in structure, to class membership and to other functions in relation to the control their frames of reference have over them.

Table of Contents:

An Omnilingual Demonstration
John R. Ross

Foreword by A. L. Becker

Preface by Mary Ruth Wise and Thomas N. Headland

Introduction by Mary Ruth Wise and Thomas N. Headland

  • Part 1: Pike and SIL
  • 1. A Portrait of Kenneth L. Pike by Martha Hildebrandt

    2. A Tribute to the Life of Kenneth L. Pike: A Perspective from One of His Students by Thomas N. Headland

    3. Kenneth L. Pike: A Photo Tribute by His Daughter, Barbara Pike Ibach

    4. Reminiscences by Pike on Early American Anthropological by Kenneth L. Pike

    5. Seasons of Life Reviewed by Jana R. Harvey

    6. The Writings of Kenneth L. Pike: A Bibliography by Joan Spanne and Mary Ruth Wise, compilers

    7. The Call to Academic Community by Gary F. Simons

    8. A Gap to Fill: Language History by Joseph E. Grimes

  • Part II: Language and Culture
  • 9. Mocking Spanish from Above and Below by Jane H. Hill

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