Comparative Kadai: Linguistic Studies Beyond Tai

Edmondson, Jerold A. and David B. Solnit, editors

The thirteen papers in this volume are new contributions—in terms of fieldwork or of analysis—to the study of Kadai languages other than those of the Tai branch. The specific languages in focus are: Kam, Sui, Maonan, Mulam, Mak, Then, Ai-Cham, Be, Hlai (Li), and Lakkia.

Professor Jerold A. Edmondson has extensive experience as a field linguist in China, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), and Viet Nam. He served as Chairman of the Linguistics Department of the University of Texas at Arlington and is a specialist in Southeast Asian languages.

Dr. David B. Solnit is a specialist in minority languages of East and Southeast Asia.

They are also the editors of Comparative Kadai: The Tai Branch (1997) and numerous articles.

Table of Contents:


I. Kam-Sui Proper

1. Developmental Tendencies in Kam Phonology Yang Quan
2. The Sounds of Rongjiang Kam Zheng Guoqiac and Yang Quan
3. An Investigation of the Ai-Cham Language Shi Lin and Cui Jianxin
4. Yangfeng Mak of Libo County Ni Dabai
5. Gedney's Puzzle in Kam-Sui David Strecker
6. A Comparative Study of Kam and Sui Initial Consonants Wang Dewen
7. Word-initial Preconsonants and the History of Kam-Sui Resonant Initials and Tones Jerold A. Edmondson and Yang Quan
8. The Influences of Han on the Mulam Language Zheng Guoqiao
9. Notes on the Reconstruction of Proto-Kam-Sui Graham Thurgood

II. Other Kadai

1. The Position of Lakkia Within Kadai David B. Solnit
2. The Relation of Be to Tai: Evidence from Tones and Initials Mark Hansell
3. Proto-Hlai Initials and Tones: A First Approximation James A. Matisoff
4. Kadai Linguistics: The Rules of Engagement Paul K. Benedict

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