The sociolinguistic situation of the Ambakich language

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Potter, Margaret, Philip Lambrecht, Laura Alemán and Correna Janzen

SIL language surveyors conducted a sociolinguistic survey of the Ambakich language from 29 January 2003 to 12 February 2003. Their goals were to identify dialect boundaries, investigate intelligibility between dialects, determine whether a language development programme would be appropriate for the Ambakich language, and determine what the nature and scope of such a programme might be. The survey team found that the Ambakich language has low vitality, and Ambakich speakers are shifting to Tok Pisin. The youth speak and understand Tok Pisin far better than Ambakich. Without revitalization of the Ambakich language, a language development programme would not be viable.

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dialect boundaries
Papua New Guinea
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