A sociolinguistic survey of the Dogri language, Jammu and Kashmir

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Brightbill, Jeremy D. and Scott D. Turner

The Dogri survey examined three main questions:

  • Is Dogri a vital language (will it be spoken in coming generations)?
  • How varied are the dialects of Dogri?
  • How well do Dogri and Kangri speakers understand each other?

The authors used sociolinguistic questionnaires and word lists in their research. Their conclusions were:

  • Dogri vitality is very strong—it will continue to be spoken in future generations.
  • The dialects of Dogri are similar enough for speakers from all different areas to understand each other, for the most part. Most of the Dogri speakers questioned said that Jammu City is where Dogri is spoken best.

Dogri and Kangri are similar, but speakers of each language have strong positive attitudes toward their own languages. Dogri speakers would likely not use Kangri written materials, and vice versa.

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Dialect surveys
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