The Banggai of central Sulawesi: a Rapid Appraisal survey report

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Susilawati, Tanti, Kristina Tarp and Herdian Aprilani

This survey investigates the current language situation found in the Banggai Archipelago Regency (Kabupaten Banggai Kepulauan) in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. The objective of this survey was to gain information about which speech variety or varieties would be most beneficial and acceptable for language development among the communities of people who traditionally speak the Banggai language (ISO639-3 code bgz).

This survey, therefore, attempts to make an assessment of the dialectal situation, domains of use of, and attitudes toward Banggai dialects and Indonesian in several Banggai-speaking communities. The field portion of this survey was commenced on the 20th of July 2006 and ended on the 24th of July in the same year.

The lexicostatistical analysis on the wordlists gathered from the three villages of Banggai (two from the eastern dialect and one from the western dialect) provisionally suggests the two main regional dialect groupings: east and west. Mutual intelligibility between east and west Banggai, however, is claimed by the speakers of the east dialect, but not recognised by those of the west.

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Language surveys
rapid appraisal
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