A survey of the languages of the Javari River Valley, Brazil

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Anonby, Stan and David J. Holbrook

The Javari River forms part of the border between Peru and far western Brazil. Several small language groups live in the Vale do Javari Indigenous Territory, protected area in the state of Amazonas on the Brazilian side of the Javari River. This study sought to gather sociolinguistic data on several language groups living in the Indigenous Territory. The languages upon which data was collected were: Kanamari [knm]1, Korubo [xor], Kulina Pano [no ISO code yet], Marúbo [mzr], Matís [mpq], and Matsés [mcf]. Previously, the relationships of some of these languages were unknown. This survey provides evidence showing that Kulina Pano and Korubo are in the Northern Panoan language family.

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Language surveys
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