Ik language assessment report

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Wiedemann, Sabine and Prossy Nannyombi

This report presents an overview of the findings of the sociolinguistic survey conducted in September 2004 among the Ik people who speak one of the Kuliak languages, Ik, which is reported to be very different from other Eastern Sudanic languages. The Ik live in the Kaabong District in Uganda.

The purpose of the survey was to investigate the linguistic situation of the Ik to determine whether the Ik language is being replaced by the Karamojong language. The survey team also gathered information that would be useful in making decisions about a language-development project among the Ik.

The methods used include eliciting a word list and administering sociolinguistic questionnaires. The survey team gathered information from community leaders, teachers, religious leaders, and groups of villagers in two parishes, where most of the Ik people live.

The results of this research by the survey team indicate that the Ik language will continue to be used by the generation to come. The results also indicate local interest in developing their language. Some information collected indicates that the Nyang’i language has shifted to Karamojong.

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