Ginyanga literacy development: a survey of attitudes and strategies

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Diller, Jason and Kari Jordan-Diller

This paper presents results of a sociolinguistic survey of language attitudes concerning the Ginyanga language (Guang language family) of Togo. The survey was designed to determine a strategy for possible Ginyanga literacy development.

Community and individual interviews were used to investigate contact patterns between Gikyode and Ginyanga speakers, Ginyanga speakers’ reported attitudes toward Gikyode, and their attitudes toward the development of their own language. General information concerning population, language use in the Ginyanga language area, and current literacy efforts was also gathered.

Results were used to consider three possible literacy development scenarios: 1) the prospect of the Anyanga using Gikyode materials as they are, 2) the possible standardization of Gikyode and Ginyanga, or 3) the establishing of a CARLA (Computer Aided Related Language Adaptation) project for literacy development.

The survey shows that there is frequent contact between Ginyanga and Gikyode language speakers. Anyanga attitudes toward both the Gikyode language and ethnic group are not negative and reported attitudes toward the development of their own language are positive. Based on the results of the survey, efforts for the standardization of Gikyode and Ginyanga are recommended.

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