Sociolinguistic survey of the Awutu-Efutu language area

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Boafo, Ebenezer, Christine Kehl and Deborah Hatfield

This sociolinguistic survey conducted in the Awutu-Efutu language community seeks to help GILLBT administrators determine whether or not GILLBT would pursue a language development programme in Awutu-Efutu, and if so, what the nature of involvement would be. Through the use of Fante comprehension tests, community interviews, and individual sociolinguistic questionnaires, the survey assessed comprehension of Fante in the Awutu-Efutu speech community, language contact for Fante acquisition, the vitality of Awutu-Efutu vis-à-vis Fante, and attitudes toward community involvement in a language development programme.

Tested and reported Fante comprehension results and a study of the Fante learning environment gave insights into the extent and prospects of Fante bilingualism in the Awutu-Efutu area. Individual and community reports about language usage according to domain, and reported attitudes towards spoken and written Awutu-Efutu versus Fante gave indications about the vitality of Awutu-Efutu vis-à-vis Fante.

The results show generally high comprehension of Fante and a diglossic relationship between Awutu-Efutu and Fante for a fairly large section of this speech community. Community attitudes toward Awutu-Efutu language development appear to be positive.

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