Sociolinguistic language survey of Ngwe: Fontem, Alou, and Wabane Subdivisions, Lebalem Division, South West Province

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Ayotte, Michael and Charlene Ayotte

This report is a synthesis of the data from a rapid appraisal survey accomplished during 2001, and a previous sociolinguistic survey. The survey team did research on the Ngwe language located in the Fontem, Alou, and Wabane Subdivisions, Lebialem Divison, South West Province, Cameroon. The surveyors conducted group and individual interviews, collected word lists, and carried out recorded text testing in four locations. The primary goal of this survey was to get a current overview of the language use patterns, intergroup relationships, and language attitudes of the Ngwe people and their language. The goal was also to find the degree of intelligibility among the varieties of Ngwe, and between Ngwe and Yemba, and determine their attitudes toward the possibility of using written Yemba. Ngwe is of particular interest in how it relates to Yemba, currently the object of an SIL language project. This report contains a Ngwe word list.

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