The sociolinguistic situation of the Uyajitaya [duk] language

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Lambrecht, Philip, Alison Kassell, Margaret Potter and Sarah Tucker

SIL conducted a sociolinguistic survey of the Uyajitaya language in the Madang Province of Papua New Guinea from 17–26 November 2003. This survey report was written in December 2003. The purpose was to confirm language and dialect boundaries, to determine whether there is need for a language-development programme, and to suggest what type of programme would be most appropriate.

The survey team found that there are two dialects of the Uyajitaya language. Though the use of Tok Pisin is increasing among Uyajitaya speakers, there does not appear to be an immediate shift to Tok Pisin, therefore, a language-development programme is recommended. Because the Uyajitaya speakers will need the help of outside linguists to complete such a programme, it is recommended that a SIL team allocate to the language area to consult and facilitate the programme.

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