A rapid appraisal language survey of Sharwa, a language of Cameroon (Mayo-Tsanaga Division, Far North Province)

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Brye, Edward

This report describes a sociolinguistic survey (Rapid Appraisal) of the Sharwa language conducted February 9-10, 2000 in the Bourrah subdivision of the Mayo-Tsanaga division of the Far North Province of Cameroon. The purpose of the study was to make an assessment of the desirability of developing a written form for the Sharwa language, and to determine the possible scope of a potential literacy project. The research was carried out by Dr. Domche Teko Engelbert who is the Chairman of the Department of Linguistics and African Languages at the University of Dschang, and Edward and Elizabeth Brye, both of SIL.

We gratefully acknowledge the assistance and welcome received from regional and local government, religious, and traditional leaders, especially the subdivisional officer at Bourrah as well as the chief of the Tchevi canton who recommended we first visit Djeki in order to research the Sharwa language. Without their cooperation, this mission would not have been possible.

Addendum: List of words not available at time of publishing this report. (22 Mar. 2005)
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