Sociolinguistic survey (level one) of the Kamuku language cluster

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Dettweiler, Stephen and Sonia Dettweiler

This report documents two surveys, the first pertaining to the Kamuku people and the second pertaining to the Acipa people.

The purpose in these surveys was to make initial analyses of the dialect situation in the Kamuku and Acipa language communities and to ascertain the extent to which the Acipa dialects are related to the Kamuku dialects. The two main tools used in field research were : 1) interviews focused on the people's perceptions of what their own subgroups and dialects are, and 2) collection and comparison of word lists from the recognized dialects. This report does not attempt to address the question of need for language development or translation work in the Kamuku or Acipa languages. Rather it provides background necessary for the accurate assessment of such needs.

This report contains word lists of both Kamuku and Acipa dialects.

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Language surveys
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