Bolivia Deaf community and sign language pre-survey report

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Holbrook, David J

The purpose of this report is to provide information about the current language development status of Bolivian Sign Language (LSB). Current research was reviewed and interviews were conducted to determine if there is one, or more than one, unified sign language in Bolivia. If there is one or more unified sign language, for adaptability reasons, it is important to know if the sign language is similar to any other sign languages where language development is either complete or in progress. It has been reported that the sign language used in Bolivia is derived from American Sign Language (ASL). Relevant research to comparisons of LSB with other sign languages was reviewed. Based on the information obtained, recommendations are made as to the necessity for language survey and what type of survey would be best to use to determine if a language-development project is feasible and/or necessary.

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Sign languages
Language surveys
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