Electronic Working Papers - General Information and Submission Guidelines




The SIL Electronic Working Papers (SILEWP) series covers a variety of disciplines and is published in electronic format by Global Publishing Services (GPS), SIL International (Dallas, TX).

Papers published in SILEWP are given a formal citation with series name and issue number. As is the standard practice in the academic world, publication in this Working Papers series does not preclude revision and later publication in another outlet.

Submission process

Who may submit papers?

Any SIL staff may submit a paper for publication in the series. Papers may also be submitted by non-SIL scholars whose work is closely related to SIL or who have worked with an SIL consultant.

How do I submit a paper for the series?

Before submitting a paper authors should have it reviewed by a qualified consultant in the domain of the work and then revised to the satisfaction of the consultant. Authors submit an electronic copy of the paper to the editor of the series along with a letter of appraisal from the consultant who reviewed it. If authors have no access to a consultant they may send submissions without an appraisal and GPS will have it reviewed.

Submissions: SILEWP@sil.org

Style and format requirements

Microsoft Word is the preferred file format for manuscripts. LibreOffice and XLingPap documents, exported to Word, are also acceptable.

The SIL Template  contains appropriate paragraph and character styles for GPS publications. For this .dot file, always right click, then left click “Save link as” to download the template to your computer. Left-clicking the file to open it--as normal--will convert it to a .doc file, and lose the template properties. Right click here: Word 2003. Click here to download the Reference Guide. This explains the use of the template and styles. Not using the SIL Template will lead to delays and possible rejection.

Authors of manuscripts containing non-Roman text (such as Devanagari, Arabic, or other non-Roman scripts) must submit a folder of font files, along with the electronic version of their manuscript and PDF. The preferred font for Hebrew text is Ezra SIL; for Greek, Galatia SIL. (IPA fonts are included in the Charis SIL font set, which is the standard font for the SIL Template for Authors.)

GPS editors conform manuscripts to the Global Language Program Services GLPS Publications Style Sheet, which generally follows The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition.

Publishing process

After submission a GPS editor will suggest changes. The author will approve the final content, after which a compositor will do the final layout. Finally, the author will approve the final copy. (For more details, see Publish a Paper – Author Procedure.)

Questions/comments: SILEWP@sil.org