Journal of Translation

The Journal of Translation is an academic journal of translation theory and practice with a special interest in Bible translation and in translation involving minority languages and cultures. Its purpose is to encourage scholarship, to enlighten the reader, to stimulate thought and discussion, and to promote appropriate cross-cultural and cross-linguistic communication.


Editor's Comments

by David Frank

Translation is quite a broad, fascinating and significant topic. The
Journal of Translation seeks to provide an outlet for scholarly
writings in the area of translation and provide a source of information and
insights for anyone interested in translation. Subtopics dealt with in this
journal range from the theoretical to the practical to the historical.
Manuscripts are selected for publication in the Journal of Translation
based on their explicit relevance to some aspect of the topic of translation.

The aim of this paper is to consider translation as a blending of cultures. This paper argues that a translation will never be fair if something new has not been added to it. Therefore, a degree of cultural interface between two language groups (from English to Indian languages, i.e., Bengali, Marathi) is required for translating any text. This paper also describes translation philosophies from nineteenth century India, when the colonial agenda of translating indigenous texts was a part of a larger enterprise of Imperialism, to recent times when the attempt has been to rescue the work of...