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LinguaLinks Library

The library is a collection of resources for fieldworkers and language and culture learners. It is organized into eight collections with 149 book-length works and 235 journal issues. The LOGOS Edition is not a collection of new resources but a replacement for the LinguaLinks Library 5.0 Plus edition no longer available.

Once you pay for your license to use LLL, we will be notified and within a few days, you will receive download instructions and an invitation to the LinguaLinks Library LOGOS Edition Faithlife Group. Both of these emails will come to you from (or ). Please add us to your email contacts so that you receive these emails. As the LOGOS Edition requires download via the LOGOS Bible Software platform, you will also need to sign up for your free LOGOS account at

The Faithlife Group is where you will download your resources as well as have the opportunity to interact on the Forum with other LinguaLinks users. This forum can be a great source of help from your fellow users in how to use LLL and how manage your resources.

One more important note: If you poke around on the Faithlife Group page, you may see a "leave group" option. Please do not do that, it is not a log out option. If you leave the group, you will lose access to your resources.