Publications in Linguistics

Publications in Linguistics, is a venue for works covering a broad range of topics in linguistics, especially the analytical treatment of minority languages from all parts of the world. While most volumes are authored by members of SIL International, suitable works by others also occasionally form part of the series. From 1976 to 2010, Publications in Linguistics was published jointly by SIL International and the University of Texas at Arlington.

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Terry, Ralph Bruce

Utilizes principles of discourse analysis, cultural anthropology and biblical studies to analyze First Corinthians.

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Eberhard, David

Analyzes the stress, phonology, aand morphology system of Mamaindé. Uses metrical and lexical phonology.
The Mamainde, a language of Brazil is also known as Northern Nambikuára (Ethnologue, 15th Ed.2005)

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Wiering, Elisabeth and Marinus Wiering

Presents five articles about the features of Doyayo: phonology, indicative verb structure, tone patterns of nominals, major syntactic structures and folk tales.

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Levinsohn, Stephen H., editor

Presents 12 papers on coherence, participant reference and Relevance Theory in Niger-Congo and Chadic languages of Cameroon.

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Aschmann, Richard P

Reconstructs the protolanguage of six languages found in the Amazonian areas of Peru, Colombia and Brazil.

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Andrews, Henrietta

Discusses how Otomí verb prefixes include deixis in their function.

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Rand, Sharon R

Presents the results of the author's analysis of the use of the imparfait and passé simple tenses in French narrative discourse.

Trudell, Barbara

Presents factors that affect literacy acquisition in both the mother tongue and Spanish by the indigenous people of the Peruvian Amazon.

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Burquest, Donald A. and Wyn D. Laidig, editors

Describes the phonologies of Sawai, Kisar, Larike and West Tarangan (Indonesia).

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Gilley, Leoma G

Analyzes Shilluk (Western Nilotic, southern Sudan) using an autosegmental approach based on lexical phonology.