Publications in Linguistics

Publications in Linguistics, is a venue for works covering a broad range of topics in linguistics, especially the analytical treatment of minority languages from all parts of the world. While most volumes are authored by members of SIL International, suitable works by others also occasionally form part of the series. From 1976 to 2010, Publications in Linguistics was published jointly by SIL International and the University of Texas at Arlington.

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Hall, William C

Describes the speech behavior of the Western Subanon people (southwestern Mindanao, Philippines) in formal situations such as ceremonies or litigation.

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Derbyshire, Desmond C

Presents a grammatical sketch of Hixkaryana (Carib language family of northern Brazil) and suggests its place in syntactic typology.

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Costello, John R

Shows how to reconstruct syntactic constructions, their constituents and the functions of these constituents for a protolanguage by applying certain procedures of internal and comparative reconstruction to data from other languages concerned.