General SIL works of a reference nature in the study of endangered languages may be found here.

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Rupp, James E. and Nadine Rupp, compilers

A compilation of seven stories narrated by a native speaker of this language group (southern Mexico).

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Pike, Kenneth L

Discusses understanding persons, things and events in relation to occurrence in structure, to class membership and to other functions in relation to the control their frames of reference have over them.

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Rosendall, Heidi J

A phonological study of the four Gwari lects (Nigeria): Northern and Southern Gbagyi and Northern and Southern Gbari.

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Davis, Patricia M

Applies theories of cognition and learning to cross-cultural education, dealing with developmental and information-processing theories and learning styles.

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Price, Norman

Mada is spoken in southeastern Nigeria and is a member of the Benue-Congo subfamily of languages.

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Pike, Evelyn G. and Rachel Saint, editors

Discusses discourse features (peak), grammatical structures (clause) and features of the referential structure (participant reference).

Litteral, Robert L

Deals with cross-cultural ministry in community development and communication, emphasizing participation by the community.

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Feigenbaum, Irwin, editor

Three lectures presented at the fall 1982 Linguistics Forum which was sponsored by the Department of Foreign Languages and Linguistics at the University of Texas of Arlington and SIL International.

Schanely, Leon E. ; edited by Larry and Willa Yost

Elaborates the theory that community development is a process concerned with helping a community develop their full potential.