Software Based Products

Software-based products include those resources that are encyclopedic in nature, as well as, products that contain collections of linguistic works and and tools to aid field workers.


The library is a collection of resources for fieldworkers and language and culture learners. It is organized into 8 collections with 149 book-length works and 223 journal issues. The Logos Edition is not a collection of new resources but a replacement for the LinguaLinks Library 5.0 Plus edition which is no longer distributed.

International Illustrations 3.0 DVD for Mac & Win, contains over 11,100 images drawn by artists from around the world. Designed for use in the preparation of literacy primers, displays and cultural awareness efforts. Allows a search by keywords.
Whitley, M. Stanley and Bakhit Kourman

The Phonicon is an electronic encyclopedia of the speech sounds or phones of the world’s languages and ways those sounds are described and analyzed. This product is for Windows only.