SIL authors contribute to the education of students in the fields of Linguistics, Translation, Cultural Studies, and Literacy with a wide list of works used in educational programs.

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Bickford, Anita C. and Rick Floyd

A revision and expansion of A Manual for Articulatory Phonetics, including materials from courses as taught in the training schools of SIL International and much information from sources outside of SIL.

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Burquest, Donald A

Intended for use in an upper division introductory course in phonology, preparing the student to further study aspects of current theory.

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Merrifield, William R. and others

A laboratory manual for introductory grammar courses with 298 sets of problems taken from languages spoken all over the world.

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Wendland, Ernst R

This book gives step-by-step guidance in analyzing different types of Psalms, with accompanying exercises.

Barnwell, Katharine

A manual for those who are preparing to translate the Bible into their own mother tongue. It can be used as a textbook for formal courses or for training individuals.

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Dooley, Robert A. and Stephen H. Levinsohn

A practical introduction to discourse analysis for linguistic field workers addressing issues commonly confronted by field linguists.

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Levinsohn, Stephen H

Discusses discourse features of Koine Greek from the perspective of descriptive linguistics.

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McKinney, Carol V

Provides guidance in the practical aspects of fieldwork and gives suggestions for collecting both qualitative and quantitative cultural data.

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Edmondson, Jerold A. and Donald A. Burquest

A textbook that presents a sample of the more popular approaches to linguistic theorizing.

Callow, Kathleen

Describes how a linguist can examine a text to describe its structure, definition, and function.