SIL authors contribute to the education of students in the fields of Linguistics, Translation, Cultural Studies, and Literacy with a wide list of works used in educational programs.

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Bouquiaux, Luc and Jacqueline M. C. Thomas

A one-volume English translation of a three-volume French work with techniques for gathering and processing data from unwritten languages.

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Elson, Benjamin F. and Velma B. Pickett

Prepares students with no linguistic background to discover the grammatical structure of an unwritten language. The “Laboratory Manual for Morphology and Syntax” is a practical supplement to accompany the textbook.

Merrifield, William R

An instructor's guide to Laboratory Manual for Morphology and Syntax is only available to course instructors who have purchased the Laboratory Manual.

Barnwell, Katharine

A teacher's manual to accompany Bible Translation: An Introductory Course in Translation Principles.

Peck, Charles

A textbook for advanced grammar classes that uses tagmemics as the underlying theory.

Beekman, John, John C. Callow, and Michael F. Kopesec

A basic text about Semantic Structure Theory, used widely in translation work.

Barnwell, Katharine

A basic introduction to the study of semantics, prepared mainly for those approaching, for the first time, the study of this discipline and its application to Bible translation.

Barnwell, Katharine, compiler

For use in workshops where participants are mother tongue speakers of the languages involved and have had no linguistic training.

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Larson, Mildred L

Designed to give practice in solving the various problems which the Bible translator faces. Through drill and practice, the student will develop skill in applying the principles of translation.