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Translator's Workplace

Translator's Workplace

A foundational library of reference materials selected for the work of Bible Translation.

This extraordinary collection has been designed to meet the varying needs of translators worldwide and includes Bibles, Greek and Hebrew texts, dictionaries, commentaries, translation handbooks, articles and other reference materials. Notable publishers have graciously permitted the use of resources within the TW collection to be distributed to those specifically assigned the work of Bible Translation. A license is required to download TW.

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It is simply the most complete economical library of translation resources currently available.


Bureau du Traducteur (BdT) is a French-only set of resources that is available as both a component of Translator's Workplace LOGOS Edition or as a stand-alone resource. A license is required to download BdT. If you already have a license for TW LOGOS Edition and wish to add BdT resources to your collection, please fill out this form.

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BART for Translator's Workplace

Once you have downloaded TW to your computer you will then be able to utilize this Biblical Analysis and Research Tool. Click HERE to learn more about BART and to download the free installer.