Translator's Workplace

Translator’s Workplace is a foundational library of reference materials selected for the work of Bible Translation. This extraordinary collection has been gathered to meet the varying needs of translators worldwide and includes Bibles, Greek and Hebrew texts, dictionaries, commentaries, translation handbooks, articles and other reference materials. Please view the links to the resource title lists for more information.

Notable publishers have graciously permitted the use of resources within the TW collection to be distributed to those specifically assigned the work of Bible Translation.

It is simply the most complete economical library of translation resources currently available.

Bureau du Traducteur (BdT) is a French-only set of resources that is an optional component of a Translator's Workplace Logos Edition license. If you already have a license for TW Logos Edition and wish to add BdT resources to your collection, please fill out this form.

Note: A TW Logos Edition license is a one time fee. All general future updates and additions of resources to TW Logos and the French only BdT resources will be covered by this one time license fee.

As of April 30th TW Logos Edition will become the only licensed format available for Translator’s Workplace. If you apply for TW license please submit a request for TW Logos only. We will continue supporting the Folio product to the best of our ability for the foreseeable future, but we can no longer support new licenses. Please direct any questions about TW Folio support to . More information and patch updates for TW Folio 5.1 are available here.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions at to learn about the licensing process common to both Translator's Notes and Translator's Workplace. Becoming familiar with the requirements will help you in the application process.

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Translator’s Workplace Logos Edition is now our preferred TW platform. The Logos infrastructure makes it possible for us to release updates and new resources seamlessly and more frequently through Logos’ online update mechanism. This Translator’s Workplace Logos Edition will be delivered via download. TW-Logos installs on machines with Windows Vista SP2 or later, Mac OS X 10.6 or later, as well as on iPhone/iPad, Kindle Fire and Android devices. It will integrate seamlessly with any existing Logos library you may own separately. Bureau du Traducteur, a French-only set of resources, is an optional feature set of a TW Logos Edition license.
Translator’s Workplace Folio Edition is our legacy electronic resource library and research tool that Bible translators and translation consultants have relied on for the past 20 years. This Translator’s Workplace 5.1 (Folio) is delivered via electronic download. The full product description may be viewed by clicking on the TW 5.1 (Folio) Download link above. We encourage new TW users to purchase the TW Logos Edition.

This download is for users who already have a TW 5.1 license and have already installed TW 5.1. This Translator’s Workplace 5.1.1 Update (Folio) is delivered via electronic download. To view the full update description click here.

To download the complete installation instructions click here.