Translator's Workplace FAQ


If you have a question that is not answered by these FAQs, please write to us at

  1. Why must I acquire a license for Translator’s Workplace?

    • Several rights holders charge for the use of their resources in Translator’s Workplace. Others charge nothing but require a relatively low level of reporting on distribution of the product containing their resources; Translator’s Workplace and Translator’s Notes are both affected by this requirement. In all cases, the rights holders are positive toward the cause of Bible translation and charge little or nothing for use. However, most require that the product incorporating their resources be distributed to those in translation work only and the questions asked on the License Request form fulfill the requirements to distribute only to translators and to report on distribution.
  2. Why must I use the online License Request process to acquire Translator’s Workplace or Translator’s Notes?

    • As with many organizations in present times, resources are scarce. There are few people and limited funds to accomplish the task of translation resource distribution. The online form, properly completed, is the most efficient way that license requests can be addressed. In fact, any order that goes outside this system, becomes in effect, a special request and must be managed manually, fulfilled after those orders that properly follow the online system.
  3. Why must I answer all the questions in an “acceptable” manner?

    • While the rights holders with whom we work are generous in their allowance of resource use and in their broad definition of translators, they desire to know how their resources are used and that the use falls within the terms of the agreement. To honor those agreements, distribution must be limited to the use the rights holders allow. The answers to the questions asked fulfill those agreements.
  4. Specifically, who fits the definition of “Bible Translator” or “translation worker”?

    • Most rights holders use the following definition (which we have edited and to which we have added explanatory notes):
      “Bible Translator” means:
      1. Anyone currently affiliated with SIL or affiliated with one of the organization which is part of the Forum of Bible Agencies International (FOBAI) who is a) actively and directly involved with performing Bible Translation work, or, b) a supporting member of a team performing Bible Translation Work as part of their official role in their organization (translation consultants, translation checkers, or systems administrators and systems trainers, for example, who make it possible for the Bible Translator to access electronically and successfully use Translator’s Workplace)
      2. Any person who does not belong to a member organization of FOBAI, but who is a) actively and directly performing Bible Translation Work, or, b) a supporting member of a team performing Bible Translation Work as part of their official role in their organization (translation consultants, translation checkers, or systems administrators and systems trainers, for example, who make it possible for the Bible Translator to access electronically and successfully use Translator’s Workplace), as part of a genuine and verified Bible Translation Project.
      3. Any person who attends an accredited training course sponsored by or staffed by a FOBAI organization for the purpose of learning to do Bible Translation Work (or a genuine and verified Bible Translator Training Organization)
  5. Can I order multiple TW copies for my (class, cluster, project, etc.)?

    • There are occasions when a system administrator or consultant or instructor (the Person Placing the Order/Billing Person) will be required to order TW for all the eligible people (the Product Users) within their area of responsibility. (Please note that the Product Users must individually fit the eligibility requirements regardless of who orders for them.) Here is how the Person Placing the Order may request a license for multiple Product Users:
      • The Person Placing the Order logs into (or sets up) his or her account at
      • The (registered) Person Placing the Order then goes to the appropriate TW (or TN) product and requests a license for each Product User by beginning a new License Request form as many times as needed
      • The Person Placing the Order completes each iteration of the License Request form filling in their own Email address in the first blank as the Person Placing the Order.
      • For the remainder of the form, the Person Placing the Order fills in the unique Product User’s license information
      • When the Product User’s License Request is approved, the Product will be placed within the shopping cart of the Person Placing the Order (the person who initiated the multiple requests)
      • The Person Placing the Order may repeat the process whenever needed
  6. Note: The License Request process for all Translator’s Workplace and Translator’s Notes begins with a license form specific to the product request. You begin at either for Translator’s Workplace or at for Translator’s Notes.
  7. Once you have submitted your license request, set your email spam filter to allow messages from If your license request is approved, you must have the approval email from in order to log in to your account and place your product in your shopping cart to complete the transaction.
  8. In what formats is Translator’s Workplace available?

    • Translator’s Workplace 5.1 (Folio) and Translator’s Workplace 5.1.1 Update (Folio), are available on DVD and as online downloads, and
    • Translators Workplace, Logos Edition, is available as an online download
  9. I've heard that TW is available as a Logos collection, but I’ve also heard that Logos resources are expensive.

    • There are no charges for the Logos engine (a free download at and
    • You are not required to make any additional Logos purchases
    • Both licensing and sales of TW will be through SIL.
  10. What is the charge for each TW format?

    • The license fee for each format will be $50.00*
    • There is no charge for TW 5.1.1 Update (Folio) for licensed users of TW 5.1 who choose to download the Update. There is a modest charge for users who choose to order the Update on a DVD.
  11. What are the differences between TW Folio and TW Logos?

  12. Is there a beta version (either format) available now?

    • There is no beta version available.
  13. Will my TW 5.0 license allow me to automatically (and/or freely) acquire the new edition?

    • No, TW 5.1 is a new release, under new agreements, which requires a new license.*
    • The Logos edition, under the same or similar agreements, also requires a license.*
    • The license process is accessed via
  14. Can I pay one license fee that will allow me to view my resources in both Folio and Logos?

    • No, the Logos and Folio versions are distributed as separate products, with separate licenses.
  15. Am I able to get a DVD (and/or, download) for TW?

    • TW Folio is available just as before on a DVD and is now also available as an online download
    • TW Logos is available as an online download initially. A TW Logos DVD will be available after the resource list is complete. This DVD distribution is intended for those users who have limited or high cost internet access. Once an individual has installed the Logos DVD, their future updates and additional resources will be available as online downloads only.
  16. How do I find out more information about TW options and place an order?

    • A home page with descriptions for the TW options is available on at
    • Each TW format has a button to request a license, which will lead you through the process. See the FAQs at the top of this page in regard to the need for licensing.
  17. Can I use my existing Logos (or Libronix) resources with TW Logos?

    • TW Logos is designed to integrate with and expand your existing Logos (or Libronix) library
    • By using your existing Logos Customer ID, your new resources will be integrated with existing resources.
    • Upgrade instructions will be available when you purchase the product.
  18. Does the TW 5.1.1 Update (Folio) include all the resources of TW 5.1?

    • TW 5.1.1 Update (Folio) includes about 180 new or revised resources. It does not include the Folio software nor most of the resources included with TW 5.1 (Folio)

    • TW 5.1.1 (Folio Update requires that a licensed copy of TW 5.1 (Folio) be installed before the update can be installed

  19. How can I know when new resources are available for TW (Folio) or TW-Logos?

    • ​The best way to keep informed is to join the SIL Translation Resources Google Group. To Join This Group: 
      • Log into your Google account
      • Enter this URL into your browser:!forum/sil-translation-resources
      • Click on Join group
      • On the Join the SIL Translation Resources group dialog, set the Email delivery preference to Notify me for every new message or Send daily summaries
      • Click on Join this group
      • Read the Welcom message
    • This is a public group - anyone can join. All that is needed is a Google account, which anyone can create if they do not already have one. If you have any questions, suggestions, or problems, pleas send an email to .
  20. What about Translator’s Notes? Are there any new requirements there?

*Several rights holders of resources in TW have begun to charge SIL royalties and some also require annual fees or life of license fees. Those expenses must be passed on in part to the user. Additionally, several rights holders require minimal detailed annual reporting. In order to comply, licensing will be required for each copy of TW acquired whether through or through an Area or an agency.