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Andika is a sans serif Unicode font designed especially for literacy use and the needs of beginning readers. The focus is on clear letterforms that will not be easily confused with one another.

Many literacy specialists prefer a sans serif font for teaching people to read because the forms are simpler and less cluttered than those of most serif fonts. For years, these specialists have had to work with fonts that were not suitable for beginning readers and writers. In some cases, literacy workers have had to tediously assemble letters from a variety of fonts in order to get all of the characters they need for their particular language, resulting in confusing and unattractive publications. Andika addresses those issues.

The Andika font is currently available in a regular typeface, with bold, italic and bold italic faces planned for future releases. The font contains near-complete coverage of all the characters in Unicode 7.0 for Latin and Cyrillic. In total, over 3,800 glyphs are included, providing support for over 2,300 characters as well as a large number of ligated character sequences (e.g., contour tone letters used in phonetic transcription of tonal languages).

Andika also provides a number of alternately-designed glyphs for use in particular contexts. The glyphs are accessible in applications that support advanced font technologies, specifically Graphite or OpenType. These technologies are also utilized to provide automatic positioning of diacritics relative to base characters in arbitrary base+diacritic combinations (including combinations involving multiple diacritics).

Andika is designed to work on systems and with applications that provide support for TrueType fonts and for Unicode character encoding. To take advantage of the advanced typographic capabilities of this font, you must also be using applications that provide an adequate level of support for Graphite and OpenType.

Andika New Basic is a limited-character-set (no extended IPA or Cyrillic) version of Andika that includes regular, bold, italic and bold-italic faces. Andika New Basic gives a preview of what a whole range of new weights will eventually look like.

Andika is freely available and may be used by anyone at no cost. It is released under the SIL Open Font License, a free and open source license that permits modification and redistribution.

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