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Doulos SIL

Doulos SIL is a Unicode serif font similar in design to Times/Times New Roman. It contains a comprehensive inventory of glyphs needed for almost any Roman- or Cyrillic-based writing system, whether used for phonetic or orthographic needs. In addition, there is provision for other characters and symbols useful to linguists. It contains near-complete coverage of all the characters defined in Unicode 7.0 for Latin and Cyrillic. In total, over 3,600 glyphs are included, providing support for over 2,300 characters as well as a large number of ligated character sequences. User-selectable font features allow the font to include alternate glyphs for some characters. Doulos SIL is available in a regular typeface only.

This font is designed to work on systems and with applications that provide support for TrueType fonts and for Unicode character encoding. It uses Graphite and OpenType technologies to support complex typographic issues, such as auto placement of stacking diacritics, optimal positioning of arbitrary combinations of base characters and diacritics, and automatic conversion of pitch letter sequences into ligatures. These capabilities are available in any application that supports the Graphite technology. They are also available via the OpenType technology, though this requires applications that provide a sufficient level of support for OpenType features.

Doulos SIL is freely available and may be used by anyone at no cost. It is released under the SIL Open Font License, a free and open source license that permits modification and redistribution.

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