Software & Fonts

IPA Keyboards

SIL provides various keyboards for typing in IPA data. Solutions for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X are available. On Windows, three keyboarding options are available:

  • an IPA Keyman keyboard
  • keyboards which work through the Windows keyboarding system (MSKLC) for US, UK and PT (Portuguese) keyboard layouts
  • a third option using the AutoHotkey program


One keyboard is available for Linux, using Keyboard Mapping for Linux (KMFL). Older versions of ubuntu will require the scim package and newer ones require ibus. The keystrokes for this keyboard are identical to those for the IPA Keyman keyboard for Windows. There are two keyboard options available for Mac OS X:

  • the first is based on the IPA MSKLC keyboard layout for Windows
  • the second is a Dvorak layout of the first


Please consider supporting the development of these and other keyboards: