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Smart and simple backup for language development workers.
myWorkSafe aims to provide a zero-configuration backup system for someone primarily using computers for doing language development work.

The first unusual thing about myWorkSafe is that it knows about file types and the files that belong to certain tasks (e.g. translation or dictionary making). It knows that certain files in the folder are actually not user data, but rather program data, so they don’t need to be backed up. (E.g. Thunderbird has a very large index file which doesn't need to be backed up, because it will be rebuilt if needed.) And it knows that the target user often has program installers in their My Documents folder, and these should not be allowed to fill up the backup media.
The second unusual thing about myWorkSafe is that it is opinionated about which are the most important things to backup. While we would ideally like to always preserve an exact snapshot of the computer, in practice we don’t have the room on the backup device. In most cases, translation work is more irreplaceable than music files. Likewise, dictionary work is more precious than old emails. myWorkSafe allows these prioritization decisions to be made ahead of time, so the user isn't faced with that complexity at backup time. In fact, it comes with this prioritization built-in, so that no configuration is needed for the majority of cases. The program tells the users which groups it can backup, and which ones it cannot, depending on how much space is available on the external media.

When you insert a USB flash drive for the first time, myWorkSafe asks you if you want to use it for Backup. Subsequently, when you insert it, myWorkSafe starts and begins backing up.

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